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Gingerbread Bonus
Tanya was enjoying a quiet evening with her two kids. She was deep into a book while the television ran some sitcom and her seven-year-old twin son and daughter were busy playing with their toys near her feet. She sipped her tea and turned another page. Suddenly, a shadow moved across the window caught the corner of her eye.
“What was that?” Tanya said under her breath.
“What is it, Mommy?” asked little Demetria.
“Nothing, DeeDee,” Tanya said before heading into the kitchen to get more tea along with a snack.
Five minutes later.
“AAHHHHHH! Mommy! Help!”
Tanya dropped her mug and ran back into the living room to see an intruder holding her precious children under his baggy arms of blubber. The intruder was a morbidly obese… man with so many colors.
“Mum’s here to save you two squirts? Like HELL she is.” the man said with a creepy lisp.
Tanya ran towards the man with her fists ready.
Her attack never delivered as she
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Dr. Hattori, The Blob
Dr. Corlena Roland was beating her fingers on the keyboard of her work computer, and going over her data over an experimental health supplement.
A knock rapped on the office door, “Dr. Roland, may I come in?”
“Yes, come in!” Corlena called while closing out the page of what she was doing.
The visitor who stepped in was another scientist. A man from Japan wearing glasses, had long hair draped over his shoulders and a stern yet pleasant smile. Her colleague was Dr. Jizo Hattori.
“Dr. Sloane told me the supplements are going through the last testing before pitching, yes?”
“Absolutely! The supplements are right here on the table.”
The man joined her at the said table, checking out the syringes and bottles. “I sure hope these are put on the market! I can see these help a lot of people!”
“I'm getting on it. You want to drink it if all goes well?”
She and Jizo were going through some tests on a n
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He breathed softly before panting heavily as he opened his eyes. The robed man moved his pudgy hand over his bulging belly protruding through the fabric and creases from his thick rolls. No pangs yet. But he was hungry. He moaned while carefully lifted himself from his stone bed. The creature planted his feet on the ground and got up. He waddled with his massive legs in heavy steps.
Cordelius walked as his gelatinous figure jostled in his dirty gray robes. He exited the archway leading into a small tunnel and continued walking until he heard the all too familiar roar of his stomach pangs. He placed his round hand on his well-fed belly and his pace slowed down slightly. After ten steps, another stomach pang, this time more harsh than the last and it slowed him down even more. Cordelius moaned loudly, desperate in finding his next meal. His upper body bend to the ground while holding his belly tightly.
Then he heard something.
A rat. With all the strength he could muster,  Cordelius
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Mars vs. The (Mainstream) Lit Community
To cut to the chase and to put it lightly, I'm not your average, or even mainstream writer on the Internet. I don't normally write what mostly everyone else in the online writing community authors in or are even aware of.
I'm a weight gain writer. I write narratives where characters intentionally gain weight throughout the entire story. Never heard of it?
Good. Because it's a niche. A niche so unknown to the average person unless they were part of the fat admirer subculture--even that's not common knowledge. To put it lightly: There is no way you can find this kind of literature in any library, bookstore or any other retail that sells books. At least, not that I know of. But I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't find a single novel if I made a conscious search. Besides, the subject matter simply isn't something the average person would read.
I'll repeat this again, weight gain literature is niched. There is a hidden yet large fandom for it.
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 4 14
Opinion on SU S5 Murder Mystery
SU Murder Mystery Plot Arc
A Small Essay
I see so many people in the Steven Universe fandom getting rather riled up in the current storyline Season 5 is taking. The murder mystery of Pink Diamond. Season three gave us confirmation that Rose Quartz did it and the other Gems believed it as fact and told Steven. Steven had experienced personal angst from the actions of his mother made in the past
Now here comes the first 4 S5 episodes compiled as the Wanted arc. It was a big deal. Steven was finally put on trial for Pink’s death in order for Blue Diamond to finally get answers on why and how the shattering happened. Then our favorite space attorney Blue Zircon did the Phoenix Wright act in saying that the whole incident didn't make sense and made a clever case with the bits and pieces of information she had. It pointed out unexpected inconsistencies and holes that fans didn't think would happen. And it also heavily indicated conflicting information from Bismuth about Rose’s sh
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 2 4
The FA Muse
Esme smiled as two potential buyers approached her booth. The couple was impressed by her oil and airbrush paintings depicting environments of childhood memories. They approved the one showing a vibrant sunset and a swing tree. There adds another $2,450 to her banking account.
“Thank you very much!” She called out as they departed.
With no one coming to her booth at the moment, Esme sat at her desk, grabbing a black flip book and stared at pictures of heavyset men. She always liked the particular photo of a pale gentleman with long black hair and blue eyes. He almost reminded her of her first and only boyfriend from thirty-five years ago.
Esme was lost into her flipbook for seven minutes before being interrupted yet again by another buyer.
“Excuse me, Ms. LeBeau?” said a woman with a slight lisp.
The painter jumped in her seat and slammed the book when she stared at the woman with glasses and a tight hair bun. She quickly regained her business composure.
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Wonderland Rejects
A jogger was running on the park trail when she tripped and fell over on what seemed to be a piece of rope. She then tumbled over and was dragged by the supposed rope for several feet until she slipped into a bush. The woman shrieked at what happened in a fast blur. The next thing she knew she was suspended from a tree branch by the waist, hidden from public view by so many trees.
That's when she was met with her captor in close eye contact, but all she could see was a white face and clothes. He laughed, “Oh, Spade! I got a tiny meal before we head out.”
“What’s that? Another human woman?”
The one called Spade came into view and the poor woman screamed when she got a look of the creepy “men” before them. They were these huge blokes with crazed eyes with clubs and spades etched into their pupils respectively. Spade wore a black hooded cloak with a top and leggings covering his blob-like physique with his namesake in white whil
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 6 5
CM: The Toy Maker
Today was the day when a private dinner party and invention expo at the Blake Manor was being held. Invitations were sent to the CEO’s subordinates. Aside from a few who worked closely with him, most people never saw the somewhat mysterious founder of Blake Toys other than a few outdated portraits. But one thing that most people in the company knew Mr. Blake was directly involved with most, if not all product designs.
The purpose of this party/expo was to introducing potential products done in Blake’s personal spare time. And his secretaries, managers, and other high-ranking employees were there to witness it.
Everyone was gathered in the grand dining room. The butlers and staff announced Blake as everyone settled down and took their seats at the table.
The wide door opened to reveal the long-awaited appearance of Mr. Faraji Dala Blake.
Everyone was pleased to see a very large dark-skinned man with dreadlocks riding in a mobile scooter, wearing a dark plum suit with only hi
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The Thunderer and The Cam
“Class, we got something new coming up, please listen.”
Mrs. Thompson pulled up the power-point on the giant screen in front of her zombie-dead class; the kids were either looking at their phones or pretend listening to what's going on.
“Now, that I got everyone's attention. A new assignment is coming up. You all will make home videos.”
Now everyone was hooked on the phrase, 'home video'.
“The aim of the assignment is simple: record 5 minutes or more on any day about any specific aspect of your life. It could be anything such as a hobby, your favorite place, or something in your family. This will be your final project of the year, so take all the time you need. The minimum length of the video has to be 30 minutes. And don’t worry, we won’t be watching every single minute of everyone’s videos. You have something very close or personal to you and your memories are recorded to fall back on.”
Ling Suyin was probably the only one who
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Kitchen Raider
2:05 a.m.
I snapped my eyes open as a huge lightning strike illuminated my bedroom, followed by a crack of thunder that sent shockwaves through.
Damn. The rain was pouring like the goddess Chal dumping an endless giant bucket of water outside. So much for a mild thunderstorm in the forecast. Stuff like that helps me sleep like a baby, but not this time. I often stay up at night during a severe storm until it moves away. But this one seemed like it wouldn't go away for a while. I lay on my bed with my eyes open and hearing the storm outside.
Thunder thrashed about; it was hurting my ears. I cringed at not going back to sleep. This storm was unusually powerful. Suddenly, I looked up and saw the ceiling fan slowing down. Greeeaat. Power was out.
I sighed and turned my head to the dresser where my phone was, but I sure as hell didn't want to the battery to die.
I got up from my bed and slowly navigated in the dark to go into the kitchen for the candles. I had no source of light, b
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The Legend of Slimy Garret
Minnie was a idiot. Why didn't she follow curfew like everyone else? A newbie mistake; she didn't believe the fabled “jello man”, a freak accident from the local lab, terrorizing the town at night. She thought a night walk would relax her, instead she was evading from a red pile of ectoplasmic ooze.
She saw her home on the corner. She grinned.
But something wet got her arm.
“Mmm, you taste good…”
Minnie’s face was engulfed by the sticky red tendrils of Slimy Garrett, and was dragged into his gelatinous, obese form for a midnight snack, dissolving away from existence.
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 2 0
Mature content
CM: Sailor Moon - Castor and Pollux :iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 3 0
The Biggest Jester In The League 2 (WG)
Varrick woke up inhaling fresh brimstone from the window and heard the familiar sound of an early morning training session. He leaned against the pillow while rubbing his green eyes until the residual abdominal pain immediately returned in his small, bulging beer belly. Consuming the Feast had very unpleasant after-effects. It was one of many things why most members quit so early into the initiation.
A knock on the door made Varrick trudge out of bed and change into something suitable before answering.
“Varrick? It's me, Kiva. I got breakfast waiting for you.”
The jester fighter cracked a fake smile at not looking forward to breakfast. It was already two days after he conquered the Feast of Beginnings and still felt as if he would puke! His former chiseled abdomen hung below waist grew half the size of a rubber balloon as there was still some food left to dissolve. The thought of eating of Kiva's cooking or anything else made him cringe, and he couldn't stand the idea of fo
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 6 4
CM: Tekken - Fad Diet Gone Wrong
Paul walked out of the public gym after a day’s of intense training. The American judo fighter was always known in the Iron Fist tournament to be one of the most fierce and aggressive combatants besides the Mishimas. At the same time the somewhat dimwitted fighter decided to dedicate time to improving his skills to attain the achievement of ‘the greatest number one fighter ever’. Paul realized his current methods were no longer effective, so he needed a new approach at examining his learning tactics for fighting in a different way.
In the meantime, he returned home to change into something casual: his black biker suit and got on his motorcycle for a stroll after working so hard for 9 hours straight. He then set out for a stroll through the Bronx and Brooklyn for fun.
Paul found himself near his favorite restaurant and entered.
The grill and bar were full of the familiar ambiance of loud chatter and recreational activities from people were watching whatever sports
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 18 1
Glutton Golem 4
Fiona could not stop shaking in her chair after just witnessing something otherworldly. Her skin was flushing white and couldn't stop chattering or stuttering at every time she uttered a word. Goldskin, while invisible, was reluctantly eating right in front of someone who was not Terry and the boy almost regretting this. Terry went over Fiona to calm her down. “Fiona! It’s alright!”
She stopped screaming and tried to calm down. Ghosts weren’t real, she thought.
“Terry, you have a lot of explaining to do on how the heck can that statue move a fork and make food disappear.”
The redheaded boy felt something punching into his gut (and no, it wasn’t the golem).
Terry… I do not see this is a wise choice—
“Huh! It’s talking?!” the girl cried, her shock rising again...
Terry eased the girl by grabbing her hands to ease her, telling her to stay calm once again. And she did.
“Come on Fiona. Let’s t
:iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 21 6
CM: Undertale - Deceived Into Overeating
The human child Chara, along with his adoptive demon brother Asriel was called by the castle servants that dinner was ready and joined with the prince’s parents. It had been some time since Chara descended from the human world and arrived in the Underground, the place where all the monsters, demons, and other creatures resided as they were banished by mankind ages ago. Now, Chara was founded by the royal Dreemurr family who welcomed the human boy with immense kindness and pity and took him in as a son. Asriel, their son and only child, was especially ecstatic to have someone to play with now.
As time grew on Chara really came to like his new adopted family, for a bunch of demons, they were most certainly a curious bunch and what really caught most of his attention was their appetites and that was one of the many thing Chara was looking forward yet again like every other evening.
The human boy joined his demon brother a the dining table as the cooks came around with different
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Sarha and Lee (Aganist chair) by LordFFParaPhilum Sarha and Lee (Aganist chair) :iconlordffparaphilum:LordFFParaPhilum 130 8
DanganWonka: Makoto's Luck Runs Out
"I bet you're excited to see where all the magic happens!" said Junko as she hurried down the winding hallways. For having lost her entire tour to various mishaps of her factory, her chipper spirit persisted. It was almost like Junko was happy that it Makoto made it to the end as opposed to someone like Chiaki. "I got a special prize for you. Something that can't be beat!" Junko cooed, holding back a squeal as they approached a set of double doors marked [MANAGER'S OFFICE].
I'm the last one left. I can't lose sight of what's behind this door. Makoto thought to himself while Junko punched in the code to her office. He continued to give himself a pep talk, hoping that it'd inspire him to find some sort of salvation in whatever insane surprise that this would turn out to be. Images of Chihiro and Celeste filled his head, shuddering when he could only imagine how much sludge Asahina had to endure by this point. For their sake...and for Hajime and his friends too! I have to b
:iconsir-wales:Sir-Wales 25 24
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 11)
    When someone is very skinny and wears form-fitting clothes, it's not difficult to notice small amounts of weight gain on their body. If the person has been obese for a long time already, that sort of micro-level fattening is much less visibly apparent. In this respect, Ms. Amanda Harris was truly pushing boundaries: despite having already been so obese for such a long time, she still managed to show up to class each day looking noticeably fatter than the last.
    For someone like Leah Benson, this sort of sudden noticeability simply didn't happen. Even though all 480-plus-pounds of the redhead were expanding at a consistent and medically alarming rate, it was hard to spot the changes if you were around her on a daily basis. Leah Benson's body was already big enough that it had mostly finished sorting out its plans for fat storage. She wasn't going to come in with any new love handles any time soon; instead, the ones she already had were just going to get bigger
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 62 14
Parafat by KafeKafei Parafat :iconkafekafei:KafeKafei 739 18 Jasmine by fdasuarez Jasmine :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 2,978 100 Ariel by fdasuarez Ariel :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 2,672 119 Pocahontas by fdasuarez Pocahontas :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 1,670 43 Aurora by fdasuarez Aurora :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 1,621 93 Widowmaker by NeoArtCorE Widowmaker :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 6,565 81 Moira by NeoArtCorE Moira :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 3,976 93 Hanzo : YouTube! by rossdraws Hanzo : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 3,487 64 Snow Queen Mercy by sakimichan Snow Queen Mercy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,000 140 Commission illust by Sunny3257 Commission illust :iconsunny3257:Sunny3257 479 7
What the actual hell, man... (rant)
People on this site cannot read nor can they be trusted NOT to copy the shit out of my work one day after I post it. 
Sorry, but that is kind of gross. I don't care if you're trying to 'flatter' me with ripping my work and copying everything I do. It's not flattering in the slightest. It's disrespectful as heck -- like spitting in my face while saying "I respect you so much". 
I know of 4 people now who literally copy 99.9% of what I draw within days (sometimes not even) of my posting it and it's not even 'inspired' work. I can tell it's copied and heavily referenced very very easily because as I have said before, I know my style. 
I've tried to be patient... I really really have, but honestly -- how hard can it be to not copy someone's work? 
Why is it that I have to do the leg work, learning anatomy, trying to figure things out so I can draw them easier and easier, and y'all can just copy and get asspats, accolades
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 24 40
Well this sucks...(PayPal dispute ended)
So... it looks like TheBoredPotato won their 5 disputes and garnished a total of $270 (the $250 plus a $20.00 charge back fee...) 
I guess this means they have grabbed $470 from me since I had already refunded them $200 from their original $250 they'd sent, and unless PayPal can get their parents to refund me my original $200 that I sent them as a refund. 
I'm just so damn numb right now I don't even know... 
This fucking sucks.
I really hope TheBoredPotato enjoys karma because honestly?
This is too much.
I thought for sure with all the evidence against the claims I'd win but apparently because it was their parent's card company that filed the charge backs they win outright. 
Unless PayPal can get a hold of their parents and tell them about the original refund of $200 and get them to refund me that then I am out all that money. 
Chances are an email to them from PayPal won't reach them because I tried emailing them and got no reply. I don't know if PayPal wil
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 21 84



Random Story Announcement:
Traveling journalist researches gods from various world pantheons living in the lifestyle of mortal hedonism and gluttony.
COMING 2018 to Mars' library ... or whenever. (And this is probably the 4th new story that's been announced for next year. Why do I punish myself like this. Like seriously.)
Thanks to the extremely rare example of acute and attentive feedback, I have come to the realization that Glutton Golem is becoming a hell of lot darker than I would imagine and it's a fucking good thing. Having a child being in a situation where they're being indirectly manipulated into an pathological co-dependence with a magical statue having ambiguous intents is FUCKING GRIM. In short, I made the awesome discovery that could greatly benefit some is that this is a massive subvert to the feeder/feedee relationship, the most prominent aspect in all of WG fiction. What's it a bigger discovery, it's the feeder that's manipulated. I swear, if it's not blowing many people's minds...
"Will Mars ever write a 100k word epic?" 

Sure, as long it's a collaboration with one or two writers because I sure as hell don't have the mental stamina to do such a thing.
Well, I'm glad a third Bayonetta is coming out. XD
If there is one thing I like that I don't mention about is miniatures. I'M ALWAYS AMAZED AT HOW INCREDIBLE THESE THINGS ARE.
The two movies I'm deeply anticipating for 2018 is Black Panther and The Incredibles 2.
Characters archetypes I like in fiction:
- Stoic, serious and calm characters.
- Maniacal/mentally insane characters (instant fave)
- Intelligent/genius, cunning characters
- Eccentric/egomaniac characters.
- Seductive/alluring characters
watched Thor: Ragnarok. GREEEEEEAAAAAAT
Okay. It's been around two years since I last watched something anime-related and I just realized may be growing out of it, or it's just that nothing has really caught my interest recently. :/
Saw the discovery of the Mercy concept art in Overwatch news last night.... I'll just say that I got way too flustered than I usually do when seeing attractive men.
Yo. Update on mutual projects.

One: Written the first 1.5k words out of possibly 25-30k of a magical superhero novella. IT'S GON' BE FUN.

Two: Got the first 7.5k words of fanfic novelette, but it's not even halfway complete.
Writer's confession: There are times I really, REALLY don't want to write details of food binges and wardrobe changes. That shit can get pretty exhausting, don't you think?
Thanks to Random Crazy Thought #1, I now have another RCT that is more NSFW.

The thought of Crystal Gem X Goldskin sm-er, erotica may become a possible reality now. *Mars slowly slides to an empty document*

Again, I have no regrets posting this.
Random crazy thought: I picture Goldskin and SU's Jasper dishing it out in the bedroom. Metal-on-Gem is now my new fan headcanon.

I have no regrets posting this status. 
One of these days I seriously need to commission a fat artist.... One problem is I almost have no fucking idea in terms of what characters to be drawn. I have no OCs for fats. :/  Officially speaking
I know I'm definitely gonna screw up big time on some people's (and hypothetically their parents and grandparents) childhoods... But last night, I've come up to the conclusion that Marvin the Martian is... strangely an above passable candidate for fat art, if done specifically correct by one of the talented artists here. Okay, I said it. I happily await the "WHAT THE HELL MARS?" and "Thanks for ruining my childhood, you sick weirdo," comments.
Serious Question, and I want honest opinions: I may well be the very first expansion fetish writer to ever join a mainstream writing critique group and... post something to get feedback.... Is this REALLY a good idea?
Unpopular Opinion: In sci-fi weight gain stories, I really don't see the point of adding aliens or extraterrestrial species to the premise if they are not the ones gaining than rather instigating the motivation or the acts onto Earthlings. (Result: redudancy.) Sorry, it just feels like a massive middle finger to a missed opportunity such as alien characters exploring Earth culture or using world-building for no sane reason whatsoever. -_-
Yeah.... Realize that I'm not liking expansion material that relates to the Naruto fandom. :/ None of the characters look attractive or fitting enough for my eyes. :/
This has been a long time coming. In retrospective with the last journal entry: Big Ideas Means Small Novelettes/Novellas.

With all the freaking ideas advertised there and me knowing what's happening and not you, it's officially known I'm dipping my feet into mutual weight gain literature and I'M VERY ECSTATIC TO SEE THE RESULTS. And it's an outlet for my opinion of "IDGAF about the stupid readership liking one gender over the other when I deliberately abstain from it because... I JUST WANT TO WRITE MY DAMN STORIES, WHY SHOULD I FOLLOW IT?". 


And what about the usual stuff I write? No,  I won't drop it from it entirely because why?

So, to make it a balanced ground, these upcoming stories are going to be character-driven and non-romantic, mind you. However, I'll tell you what I'll be touching instead.

The following mutual relationships are:
  • Master/Apprentice
  • Familial
  • Platonic

It's gonna be a very game-changing ride for Mars.


lovelymars908's Profile Picture
Tamar Brown
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Girl. Hobbyist. Part Geek. Silly.

An expansion author who likes writing about people getting huge for the aesthetics and just because, not for the sexual arousals (and to rack in views. Most DA writers get jack shit recognition here.). You cannot tell me how I can like my interests, whether I'm in a fantasizing or casual mood.

I tend to write my gaining stories with plots (NOOOOO!) and will not hold back on avoiding...certain things. There's nothing wrong with pure fetish stories, but asexuality will make one feel off by them. So that means I can write fantasy, science fiction, horror etc. I also write about characters who actually aren't the dreadful, overused college student trope or average person. Or who are not human at all. (No furries!) I find little joy in using everyday people.

Honestly I think not writing about characters who are warriors or mages is utter garbage.

I am one of the rare rebel writers in the WG literature community. I rebel because I use creativity. Aaaand because I'm a rare breed of asexual writers.

Personal Quote: Learning can be fun. You should remember that!

Personal Writing Quote: Seeing what story characters can do is more important than how they are simply created.


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