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The Library [SSBHM/SSBBW]
Denise was enjoying the beautiful spring weather while navigating the busy sidewalk towards New York Public Library. The mother was in search of some books on world history and ancient religions for her two children’s projects for school and they needed as many books as possible for research. She stepped inside the library where she was greeted by the quiet and crowded hall within the complex. All kinds of people were sitting at the tables reading, studying, or chatting quietly among themselves where librarians and employees were checking out books for patrons. The woman said a few greetings to some bystanders upon entering.
She then headed for the Children's Center division of the library. Upon entering the place was filled with a handful of children here and there while a small team of librarians was manning the front desk or doing other duties around the shelves. The mother walked through the aisles searching before eventually finding the history book section. First, she looke
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Giving [SSBBW]
Trish slammed the door furiously after getting the mail and seeing its dreaded contents. Another late fee from the cable company. Then, there was the annoyingly overpriced car payment from the dealer. At this point the poor woman was ready to quit her terrible job at the diner and just give up on life because it was already beyond breaking her last nerve. She had been living on her own for four years after graduating from college with a communications degree. Yet she was stuck working at a crappy eatery getting paid $5.75 an hour plus occasional $3 or $4 dollar tips, with hundred dollar tips coming once in a blue moon, which just made everything harder to no end.
Boss had no interest in getting her a raise for whatever stupid reason and it was costing her a cash wad for groceries and being able to indulge in her hobbies such as getting the Little Nightmares game or buying new knitting supplies. The girl was thankful for her parents to let her have the family house once they move
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Trade Off [SSBHM]
“ … like I said, the whole place got refurbished and the house rent is only $400 a month.” said the landlady.
Julia laughed, “Wow! I definitely made the smart choice picking out this place. It pays to keep within your budget, especially in this day and age….”
“Well, it's actually less about me be being generous. Come this way.”
The woman raised an eyebrow and followed her into the second bedroom that was literally across the master bedroom. “Look in here.”
Julia stepped into the empty room and was utterly shocked to find someone already seemingly living here. The lady certainly didn't tell her this over the phone! The supposed occupant was a very large man sitting in the corner. He had shining blond locks that engulfed his upper back and shoulders like a small golden curtain. They especially sparkled as the sun glared from outside the window blinds.
“Um… who is that…?” Julia asked.
“You can go up
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The Health Food Addict [BBW]
After weeks of pestering from their parents, Alex and Candace finally arrived at Rykers’ Gym & Fitness Center. According to the parents, they were showing “apparent” signs of the Freshman 15, and despite them being slender, their first year at Dawkins University was already requiring them to sit for most of the day and the food wasn't helping. The siblings felt annoyed by the persistence and didn't want to go, but their memberships were already accepted and they had no choice but attend the place. They thought the very name of the place sounded like a place for those fitness groups of insanely obsessed exercise-lovers who worked out 24/7 and pretentious fitness nuts and they didn't want to be surrounded in an environment like that.
Once stepping in they were greeted by a surprisingly less intimidating sight, consisting a people from all walks of life in the lobby and various rooms. Families, hobbyist bodybuilders, teens, and the elderly were busy running the tread
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Mature content
Lard Gigantic [GT, Force Feed, SSBHM] :iconlovelymars908:lovelymars908 21 3
Summer Break [SSBHM/SSBBW]
Jesse and Mel joined their teen kids Brent and Daria who were preparing to leave for the airport to visit extended family in California during summer break. Before heading out the door the siblings still couldn't shake the feeling of their parents choosing not to go along with them.
“So Mom, Dad. You two are going to be okay here by yourselves in the mansion?” Brent said as he finished fastening his suitcase.
“Of course, Brent. Your mother and I haven't been able to sit down and relax in the house since… we were your age, probably younger.” Jesse said.
Mel nodded. “We wouldn't mind joining you in California but this year's been particularly stressful at both our jobs if you haven't noticed.”
“Point taken. The peace and quiet is a good reason to go nowhere.” Daria said while combing her black hair.
The kids knew that Jesse’s and Mel’s jobs at the law firm and the health department respectively were facing separate brands
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Butter Obsession
When I met Tyranus the Black Knight, I was terrified. Really, really terrified.
It all started one night when I was working late and studying a very ancient grimoire at the local archeology museum of ancient British artifacts until I somehow found a page that was almost ready to rip from the spine. I gently put the page into place without damaging it into until a spark bounced off the page. It glowed red and somehow I was able to read the words. So I did, and it would result in the weirdest mistake of my life. After the words were read, a green portal appeared right behind me near the bookshelf and slowly out came… him. I heard heavy footsteps as whoever was coming out the portal, a tall, dark mass came into view and I almost wanted to run but didn’t.
Tyranus came walking in looking into at his surroundings and trying to comprehend as to where he was. He wore his trademark black armor and was armed his heavy two-handed sword and full-body shield. He then stared at me w
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Fish Heist
WHAM - Day 13
Rosetta, a plucky fish merchant of twenty years, was unlike most retailers who dreaded the insanity that was WHAM. She took extreme pride during this supposedly joyous month with being one of the very few people and sellers who hadn't had their stores ‘visited’ by superpowered hippos and having their merchandise (read: anything edible) gone by ninety-five percent at the end of the day. Apparently, there would be quite a lot of people like Rosetta to resent her, because those who were affected by WHAM felt almost like dying after June 30. Then again, the reason Rosetta was spared from the superheroes’ collectively bottomless appetites was only that she sold fish. No restaurant included. Just plain, uncooked fish.
No obese superhero would bother to come to her store for smelly dead animals from the sea that was not cooked.
Or, that used to be the fucking case.
Rosetta woke up an hour early that summer morning hearing the constant sounds o
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Cookie Season [SSBHM]
Sonali was driving through her neighborhood returning home from college for spring break. Unlike previous years, however, this year’s reunion with her family crossed the strange line of being urgent or just “come home, we need you for something totally mundane and unnecessary”. While driving she glanced at her window to find a few people walking around with a particular orangish yellow box in their hand. She then drove by a group of Sunshine Scouts who were walking around with shopping carts filled to the brim with the boxes.
“Sunshine Scout Cookies…” the girl laughed to herself.
The student drove down the next three blocks until she got to her house where she saw a few Sunshine Scouts talking with her mother Sampat while handing over apparently a lot of money to the girls before leaving. The student raised her eyebrow wondering what was happening inside the house. Grabbing her things in the back, she entered the home.
“Sonali, is that you?
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Peter Rabbit, The Later Years
The sun was shining through the trees as always while the woods woke up to yet another beautiful morning in the countryside. It was all serene and quiet until a loud, boisterous belch so mighty it almost sent the birds flying as a rabbit in the twilight years of his adult youth weighed bigger than any hippo waddled solemnly through a dirt road until he stopped to look at a particular spot of overgrown land and an old house.
The garden that was owned by the McGregors was long gone as the old couple passed away a couple years back only contained tall, plain grass and small flowers, but back in the old days, the garden had many kinds of vegetables and berries. Peter, now a butterball of a rabbit, could only remember those days in his childhood breaking into Mr. McGregor’s yard to snatch whatever ounces of food he could scarf before being chased by the old man and returning his family’s tree.
Now, the whole place was deserted and while over the garden was devoured by lone anima
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Another 700k added to the Manji’s vault for financial funding while the surplus 10k was put to miscellaneous use.
A large burp crawled within Yoshimitsu’s gut and was released as a just another loud noise filling the quiet room. He moved his plump, bingo-winged arm towards a plate of peanuts and stuffed a handful into his maw before chewing. The massive leader of Robin Hood bandits was enjoying a moment's rest after going through another long day of assisting the poor and fighting criminals from the shadows. Despite the man growing into a tubby blob due to almost unnecessary overeating as of late, Yoshimitsu was never, if only a little, deterred from his growing girth or letting getting in the way of his job. And it was amazing considering him exceeding the size of the typical sumo or any ordinary overweight person in the local area.
Sure, he definitely couldn't maneuver his figure to execute the more acrobatic aspects of his fighting style, but it was a sacrifice he could
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Ice Cream [SSBHM]
Haruka Suzuki could hardly concentrate while reading the old magic scrolls from his grandfather's home. His high-paying day job at the governmental office simply pretty much sapped all the mental focus. Haruka stepped from his private magic study and took out his phone to see the time. It was eight in the evening, and the sun was about to pass the horizon. He had a busy day and now he just realized he needed to leave the house to enjoy a warm summer night out in the town. That's what he needed. Fun. Something he hadn't a chance to do since he came from Japan to Nebraska to work in his manor. Reports… and too many magic exercises to count. Haruka prepared to leave before something startled him. It sounded like a window was shattered.
Are you fucking serious? A goddamn break-in?

Haruka began to panic. He didn't know what to do because he would risk showing someone else other than his family members that he was a magic user and the Suzuki family kept this a secret since time
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Gingerbread Bonus
Tanya was enjoying a quiet evening with her two kids. She was deep into a book while the television ran some sitcom and her seven-year-old twin son and daughter were busy playing with their toys near her feet. She sipped her tea and turned another page. Suddenly, a shadow moved across the window caught the corner of her eye.
“What was that?” Tanya said under her breath.
“What is it, Mommy?” asked little Demetria.
“Nothing, DeeDee,” Tanya said before heading into the kitchen to get more tea along with a snack.
Five minutes later.
“AAHHHHHH! Mommy! Help!”
Tanya dropped her mug and ran back into the living room to see an intruder holding her precious children under his baggy arms of blubber. The intruder was a morbidly obese… man with so many colors.
“Mum’s here to save you two squirts? Like HELL she is.” the man said with a creepy lisp.
Tanya ran towards the man with her fists ready.
Her attack never delivered as she
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Dr. Hattori, The Blob
Dr. Corlena Roland was beating her fingers on the keyboard of her work computer, and going over her data over an experimental health supplement.
A knock rapped on the office door, “Dr. Roland, may I come in?”
“Yes, come in!” Corlena called while closing out the page of what she was doing.
The visitor who stepped in was another scientist. A man from Japan wearing glasses, had long hair draped over his shoulders and a stern yet pleasant smile. Her colleague was Dr. Jizo Hattori.
“Dr. Sloane told me the supplements are going through the last testing before pitching, yes?”
“Absolutely! The supplements are right here on the table.”
The man joined her at the said table, checking out the syringes and bottles. “I sure hope these are put on the market! I can see these help a lot of people!”
“I'm getting on it. You want to drink it if all goes well?”
She and Jizo were going through some tests on a n
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He breathed softly before panting heavily as he opened his eyes. The robed man moved his pudgy hand over his bulging belly protruding through the fabric and creases from his thick rolls. No pangs yet. But he was hungry. He moaned while carefully lifted himself from his stone bed. The creature planted his feet on the ground and got up. He waddled with his massive legs in heavy steps.
Cordelius walked as his gelatinous figure jostled in his dirty gray robes. He exited the archway leading into a small tunnel and continued walking until he heard the all too familiar roar of his stomach pangs. He placed his round hand on his well-fed belly and his pace slowed down slightly. After ten steps, another stomach pang, this time more harsh than the last and it slowed him down even more. Cordelius moaned loudly, desperate in finding his next meal. His upper body bend to the ground while holding his belly tightly.
Then he heard something.
A rat. With all the strength he could muster,  Cordelius
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The FA Muse
Esme smiled as two potential buyers approached her booth. The couple was impressed by her oil and airbrush paintings depicting environments of childhood memories. They approved the one showing a vibrant sunset and a swing tree. There adds another $2,450 to her banking account.
“Thank you very much!” She called out as they departed.
With no one coming to her booth at the moment, Esme sat at her desk, grabbing a black flip book and stared at pictures of heavyset men. She always liked the particular photo of a pale gentleman with long black hair and blue eyes. He almost reminded her of her first and only boyfriend from thirty-five years ago.
Esme was lost into her flipbook for seven minutes before being interrupted yet again by another buyer.
“Excuse me, Ms. LeBeau?” said a woman with a slight lisp.
The painter jumped in her seat and slammed the book when she stared at the woman with glasses and a tight hair bun. She quickly regained her business composure.
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Chun li pinup by sakimichan
Mature content
Chun li pinup :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,868 66
Mature content
Pastry Samurai: The Sumorai 2 (WG/BBW/BHM) :iconaerial-rave:Aerial-Rave 9 0
Mature content
Pastry Samurai: The Sumorai 1 (WG/BBW/BHM) :iconaerial-rave:Aerial-Rave 14 0
blessed to touch that lard by LaLaLa628 blessed to touch that lard :iconlalala628:LaLaLa628 57 18 Kosame Kojourou by ShotaKotake Kosame Kojourou :iconshotakotake:ShotaKotake 15 1 Chichikko Katsugi by ShotaKotake Chichikko Katsugi :iconshotakotake:ShotaKotake 20 1 Suuri Kanko by ShotaKotake Suuri Kanko :iconshotakotake:ShotaKotake 19 1 Chiinooya by ShotaKotake Chiinooya :iconshotakotake:ShotaKotake 16 1 H-How are those, Triana? by johnwham H-How are those, Triana? :iconjohnwham:johnwham 74 0 Fat Emblem: Ferry 3 by Revivedracer209
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Fat Emblem: Ferry 3 :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 22 0
Sheba Morning by Yer-Keij-fer-Cash Sheba Morning :iconyer-keij-fer-cash:Yer-Keij-fer-Cash 123 4 Huge Jody Summer 8 by Revivedracer209
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Huge Jody Summer 8 :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 13 0
Bright As A Blueberry by stevie-foxx
Mature content
Bright As A Blueberry :iconstevie-foxx:stevie-foxx 43 0
Daily Deity #162 Aine
Merry Litha everyone! And for those of you who are unfamiliar with this holiday, then you are probably more aware that today happens to be that of Midsummer or the summer solstice. To most this means that it is the longest day of the year, as well as there being the shortest amount of night. While nowadays plenty of people take the first official day of summer as the day to have a campfire and enjoy the warm weather (strikingly similar to what the ancient pagans did) this was also a day that represented the return of the growing season, and was a big marker for agriculture. 
In that respect we have today's goddess Aine. She is Celtic goddess that has bloodlines that usually describe her as Eogabail's daughter, Eogabail being another name for the Dagda who is the top member of the Tuatha De Danann who represent the majority of the gods of Celtic mythology, from which she has the siblings Aillen and Fennen. She is also associated with being related to the sea god Manannan Mac Lir, b
:iconmythgirl68:mythgirl68 8 3
 ...freedom... by XBUDDYFORME ...freedom... :iconxbuddyforme:XBUDDYFORME 184 51 Bunny Orb by XBUDDYFORME Bunny Orb :iconxbuddyforme:XBUDDYFORME 220 51



OK. It's official. 100k word Mortal Kombat Epic, WG. Challenge accepted. Hopefully. Let's see what happens.

Random Story Announcement:
Traveling journalist researches gods from various world pantheons living in the lifestyle of mortal hedonism and gluttony.
COMING 2018 to Mars' library ... or whenever. (And this is probably the 4th new story that's been announced for next year. Why do I punish myself like this. Like seriously.)
Thanks to the extremely rare example of acute and attentive feedback, I have come to the realization that Glutton Golem is becoming a hell of lot darker than I would imagine and it's a fucking good thing. Having a child being in a situation where they're being indirectly manipulated into an pathological co-dependence with a magical statue having ambiguous intents is FUCKING GRIM. In short, I made the awesome discovery that could greatly benefit some is that this is a massive subvert to the feeder/feedee relationship, the most prominent aspect in all of WG fiction. What's it a bigger discovery, it's the feeder that's manipulated. I swear, if it's not blowing many people's minds...
"Will Mars ever write a 100k word epic?" 

Sure, as long it's a collaboration with one or two writers because I sure as hell don't have the mental stamina to do such a thing.
Saw the discovery of the Mercy concept art in Overwatch news last night.... I'll just say that I got way too flustered than I usually do when seeing attractive men.
Writer's confession: There are times I really, REALLY don't want to write details of food binges and wardrobe changes. That shit can get pretty exhausting, don't you think?
Thanks to Random Crazy Thought #1, I now have another RCT that is more NSFW.

The thought of Crystal Gem X Goldskin sm-er, erotica may become a possible reality now. *Mars slowly slides to an empty document*

Again, I have no regrets posting this.
Hey uh, I hardly intended to write something like this as it just passed by in my head very recently. So I'll just write it now, as it is a good strategy for writers to do journals to jot down thoughts while working on their current story projects.

The overall plot of the story is that the Ninja characters of Mortal Kombat are lured by a mysterious man and his warrior lackeys who wants to hire them for a task to get a magical artifact, which requires them to travel a lot of realms.

Update 1. I have officially reached 10% of the 100k word count. Let it all out, first massive crowning achievement right here folks. First things first, I'll began to say that this is nothing short of a challenge for me, but perhaps the biggest perk with this story is that it is also easy to churn words out. Another challenge I have to face is the avoidance of filler and keeping the plot engaging and interesting. And yet another challenge is me trying to get the characters to be themselves while also portraying them as fatties. Okay, I admit this fanfic will definitely be more plot than gaining but it's definitely not without its fattening aspects, but we have to wait and see for the final outcome when it comes to that point.

Part of me wanting to work on this fanfic because the Mortal Kombat cast do have a lot of interesting and potential character interactions that aren't particularly touched upon or even explored deeper during the games, such as the relationships between Sub-Zero and Frost, and Scorpion and Noob, or even Ermac and Skarlet. And I'm totally interested in seeing Sub-Zero and Frost, seeing that the latter is known to be very arrogant and this is a chance for me to see Sub-Zero to really put his foot in her ass.

In conclusion, this is gonna be a FREAKING juggernaut of a challenge in almost all aspects of this story. (And let's completely ignore the fact that I accept this undertaking because my overactive imagination is a fucking dick at times and it wouldn't leave me alone if I didn't do it....)

But... I want this story to be fun and I also want for it to be taken seriously.

That is all for now.


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Tamar Brown
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Girl. Hobbyist. Part Geek. Silly.

An expansion author who likes writing about people getting huge for the aesthetics and just because, not for the sexual arousals (and to rack in views. Most DA writers get jack shit recognition here.). You cannot tell me how I can like my interests, whether I'm in a fantasizing or casual mood.

I tend to write my gaining stories with plots (NOOOOO!) and will not hold back on avoiding...certain things. There's nothing wrong with pure fetish stories, but asexuality will make one feel off by them. So that means I can write fantasy, science fiction, horror etc. I also write about characters who actually aren't the dreadful, overused college student trope or average person. Or who are not human at all. (No furries!) I find little joy in using everyday people.

Honestly I think not writing about characters who are warriors or mages is utter garbage.

I am one of the rare rebel writers in the WG literature community. I rebel because I use creativity. Aaaand because I'm a rare breed of asexual writers.

Personal Quote: Learning can be fun. You should remember that!

Personal Writing Quote: Seeing what story characters can do is more important than how they are simply created.


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